Privacy Policy

*Downloading/saving these images is consideration that you approve of them.


These photos are yours! I included a copy of the Print Release for you. 

You can do anything you'd like with them *except claim as your own* as I retain the intellectual property/copyrite in perpetuity. 

I do ask that wherever possible to link to my page or include photo credit as all my sales are word of mouth at this point, but it is fine if you can't. 


Please note, you may not release these images to a third party (media (magazine/websites/etc), vendors, contest holders, or other businesses). 

As you do not own the intellectual property/copyrite you are legally unable to give permission to third parties to share. 

If you are contacted by a third party please refer them to me so the proper forms and releases can be obtained. My contact is


Special notes: 

*I retain all images for six months, after that only those intended for my portfolio remain, please order any desired prints between now and then. 

*Model's name shall not be associated with any portfolio or marketing images outside initial Facebook post and subsequent sharing. 


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